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The history of Dolciaria Borrillo

The history of Dolciaria Borrillo

A "sweet" story that is handed down over the years. Innocenzo Borrillo, known as the Cavaliere was a man of great entrepreneurial commitment, passionate about opera music. In 1891 he created a small workshop where he began to produce the famous "torroncini baci" that immediately began to be successful among the San Marquis people. The product was processed entirely by hand, in a copper pan the sugar was caramelized and then the hazelnuts and almonds were mixed. Once the mixture was amalgamated, it was spread with a rolling pin and then cut by hand with a knife. Afterwards, the pieces of crisp were put on a fork and dropped into melted chocolate, then placed to cool on the table. Then packed and sealed for sale to the public. The product received so much attention that in 1923, Cavaliere Innocenzo Borrillo decided to register the "Baci" brand and pass on the family recipe from father to son. And this is how it reaches our days: Today the custodians of this ancient recipe are Leonardo Borrillo (great-grandson of the Knight Innocenzo Borrillo) and Pellegrino Citarella, who in 1996 founded Dolciaria Borrillo, continuing the family tradition, and making the product known to the general public. They have expanded the choice of this product, enriching it with new flavors, always walking on the path of quality and always remaining faithful to the original recipe, up to highly qualified products. Today, as then, the process is almost entirely done by hand, excluding the covering of chocolate, where the crunch is covered by a "cascade" machine and then passed through the cooling tunnel, until reaching the chain of each single nougat. The packaging was modernized creating an elegant and refined style to be presented on every occasion. A typical and unequaled product, at the same time simple and appreciated by everyone.