Pork cheek - 750gr circa - Scaramuzzo
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Pork cheek - 750gr circa - Scaramuzzo


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The bacon produced with pork, salt, pepper and chilli. Great to combine with a good sauce with fresh tomatoes and basil.

Weight: 750gr



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The pillow shows an appearance with an alternating of a layer of higher fat and a lower layer of skinny pink, and is prepared using the lower part of the head of pigs born and reared locally. Once the guanciale is obtained proceed with the salting and the aromatization with pepper and other spices. After the salting phase and careful massaging, the bacon is washed with white wine and then left to dry for six days, before being moved to a fresh room for maturing for a period of three months.

Ingredients: pork, salt, pepper and chilli.

The expiry date is indicated on the package.


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