Panettone Isola - 1kg - L'ile Douce Milano


Isola, il panettone dedicato alla zona dove nasce la Pasticceria L'ile Douce.

Peso prodotto: 1kg



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Ingredients: type 1 wheat flour, Normandy AoP butter, sugar, water, egg yolks, natural yeast (wheat), honey, vanilla, Maldon salt, sultanas and corinth, candied orange peel, candied cedar diamond , candied orange, lemon and yuzu pasta.

The Panettone Isola della Pasticceria L’ile Douce arrives directly from Milan. His name is a tribute to the Isola area where the laboratory is located. Young and skilled hands, work the panettone and make it unique in its kind by creating the panettone with 3 dough pieces, which is differentiated by the addition of a dough to traditional processing, which means more fermentation time and consequently a longer life span long and more soft. From this processing aromas and aromas stand out, it is also made more digestible. The candied fruits used for this panettone are cold candied in this way they are softer and less sweet.


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Bontà infinita! Io e mio figlio ci eravamo ripromessi di non mangiarlo e aspettare i resto del nucleo familare, non cisiamo riusciti!!!