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Soft nougat Gianduja

Soft Gianduia Borrillo, gianduia chocolate bar with almond and hazelnut grains, covered with dark chocolate. The gianduia nougats are made for over 10 years always following the tradition of the Borrillo family. It is possible to find the product in other versions, click on the images to discover them!

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Assorted Kisses - 31.74 oz pack with 8 soft and crunchy flavors - Borrillo

Price €20.45

Soft kisses in packs of eight different flavors, covered with chocolate. Inside there are the flavors of Traditional nougat, Soft Nougat at Gianduja taste, Soft Nougat with Coconut, Nougat at coffee taste, Nougat at Lemon taste, Nougats at orange taste, Nougats at pistachio taste, Soft ricotta and pear. Package weight 31.74 oz approx.