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Strega Cream 700 ml -17% Vol.

Price €13.64

The gentle and delicate taste of Strega Cream arises from the harmonious encounter of the famous Strega liqueur with freshness of the best cream, to give the palate delicate notes of sweetness and intense sensations of a goodness to be enjoyed. It is a low-graded liqueur with a distinct personality. Ideal for those who love soft and refined flavors, it is...

Valentine's Day Limited... Valentine's Day Limited...
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Valentine's Day Limited Edition - IdeaGolosa

Price €11.82

Make your love special with chocolate hearts. It is also possible to choose the surprise. Available with milk chocolate, dark chocolate or white chocolate. Suitable for all occasions such as Valentine's Day, Father's Day, Women's Day, Mother's Day, Grandparents' Day. Available weight from 300gr and 400gr, to be selected

Cesto regalo Borrillo

Price €49.18

Cesto regalo Borrillo con: 1 stecca alla mandorla "Borrillo"; 1 panettone "Borrillo" incarto regale; 1 miele di acacia "Santopietro"; 1 confezione di croccantino da 180 grammi "Borrillo"; 1 confezione di baci assortiti da 200 grammi "Borrillo"; 1 confezione di baci torroncino tradizionale da 300 grammi "Borrillo";

Sled in red Torroni Borrillo Sled in red Torroni Borrillo
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Sled in red Torroni Borrillo

Price €16.55

Novelty IdeaGolosa - Sled in red cloth decorated with applications and print, with crunchy and nougat Borrillo kisses. Inside there is a Croccantino 180gr package and an Assorted Baci 200gr package.