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Salsiccia stagionata piccante - 280gr circa - Scaramuzzo
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Seasoned spicy sausage - 280gr circa - Scaramuzzo


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The seasoned spicy sausage is produced with pigs born and reared locally and is characterized by different stages of processing.

Weight 280gr approx



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A first step consists in selecting pure pork meat and finding the right balance between lean and fat parts. In a second phase the meat is chopped coarsely according to tradition and mixed with salt, wild mountain fennel seeds, ground chilli, a little pepper and a little garlic. In a third phase, the mixture obtained is bagged in a natural pork casing, tied and left to dry for about seven days. Finally, the last step is to move the sausage in a cool room for the period of maturing for another twenty days. Towards the end of the maturing period, the sausage is daily observed to identify the end of the maturing and then put under vacuum.

Ingredients: pork, salt, wild fennel seeds, ground chili, pepper and garlic. E300 preservative; Antioxidant E252;

The expiry date is indicated on the package.


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